The FEAR Lab, built from a year and a half of research and interviews. The program is specifically built around four key points that have come from the research:

1. It’s okay to feel fear.
2. Define yourself.
3. Value your failures and the failures of others.
4. Life is a one chance opportunity.

These four topics each have their own unique challenges, and this workshop is designed to explore how each individual can address them.

Students received a work book and used it to guide them through the workshop.
Students looked internally to clearly define their fears.
Students used the identity sheets to define themselves. They then discussed with the group how they have grown and how their fears have changed.
Students were tasked with making a paper crane using instructions and support from their peers. They then were tasked with making a mystery animal alone and without instructions. A discussion after the activity highlighted the differences in the experience.
The last activity was a yes auction. They received auction paddles that had "Yes!" on one side and "Not Sure?" on the other. Students submitted experiences they would like to say yes to more often and then auction took place. This activity allowed students to see they have a community of other individuals who want to say yes too.